We all have them whether we realize them or not. And unfortunately most people do not recognize or know they have choices in their lives. And yes-even children have choices though the choices are more limited than those that an adult has. However, I have seen and known many “adults” who are more child like (and not in a good way) than most children. At least children have the “excuse” of just plain and simply not knowing any better but an “adult” who acts like a child in a negative way is messed up. Plain and simple. As we grow up, we are to learn that we do have more choices. Isn’t that the appeal of growing up when we were kids? We would have more choices and be able to “do” more things. Things like drive a car, vote, smoke, pay bills, go to work, and many other “adult” things. The hard truth is growing up can really suck and if someone has been abused as a child whether sexually, physically, or emotionally, or all of them, the abuse can cause a person to become stuck at that age and even though he/she may be chronologically of adult age, he/she, because of the abuse is stuck at that age. And because of being stuck, he/she feels they have no choices. Which, unfortunately at the time the abuse was happening, the child’s limited choices weretaken from them and this feeling of being powerless and choice less get carried into adulthood. The good news is, if an “adult” wants to get his/her power back and the feeling of having choices again, it is totally doable. It takes time and usually some hard work, but a person can learn and accept that he/she is an adult anddoeshave choices. And this is what being an adult is actually all about. Learning you have choices and the freedom to make those choices based on what will work for you rather than making choices that work for other people. Being an adult is not easy, that is for sure, however, if one learns how to overcome the past and regain power and choices for themselves, life becomes a little bit easier and then being a “kid again” is just something fun to do.

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