2020 The New Year

Well, a new year has started and I find myself starting some new adventures. And I can honestly say that I am ready for some new adventures. The past couple of years have been hell to say the least. I have had so many losses that I stopped counting. The effects of those losses have been devastating and life change all in the same breath. So, I find myself with 2 blog post sites and realized the other night that this blog post had not been published and made public for nearly a year!! Well, I guess there is no time like the present and so I wrote something quick for it and made it public. And then I have another blog post…..so I figure I will work both of them as they are different from each other and yet they are both a part of me. My second blog post is called “Practical Horse Sense” and I started it last year when I got my CDL and started driving semi truck with my husband. I figured I would have time to write about horses and people while I was on the road with my husband, though the blog post is going to be about all sorts of life related stories and activities that are not only part of being professional horsewoman, a licensed counselor, an Equine Assisted Coach and Mental Health Professional, a mother, and a female business owner of several small businesses. This blog post is going to be more than just being an over the road truck driver, but about a mother, an over the road truck driver wife, and a female business owner of several small businesses. I am planning on sharing my stories of successes and failures at being all the identities above. I plan on sharing my knowledge and wisdom that I have acquired over the years. I hope to be inspirational and educational to those that take the time to read my posts. And I will always be open to questions and feedback. I wish everyone an empowering new year!!

Be Safe and Keep the Rubber on the Road

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