Paradox of Life

Well, we are nearly half way through January and I find myself feeling as if Christmas and the holidays were months ago. I find myself reflecting on the past year and all the things that have happened to me and I have 2 reactions to the past year events. The first one is “Holy crap! Look at all the stuff I have gone through and I am still here and doing okay.” And the other reaction is “Holy crap! Look at all the stuff I have gone through and how did I survive all that stuff and why am I still here?”

It never ceases to amaze me how we can swing from one extreme to another and yet continue to exist. However, one cannot sustainably keep swinging from one extreme to another. The energy that it takes to continuously go back and forth between the extremes has consequences that many people do not recognize or want to acknowledge. And this “blindness” is what keeps people stuck and unhappy in their lives. Now, I am not saying that if you work at not being “blind” that you will be happy and have a “perfect” life. That is just a fairy tale and not reality. Because if you were to be “happy” all the time, wouldn’t you be in an extreme again. It is not possible to be “happy” ALL the time. Life just doesn’t work that way. However, if one works at finding, recognizing, and accepting his/her extremes in their life, then one can start to work on finding the balance point in their lives. The balance point does not mean that it is the point directly in the middle of the extremes but rather an area that is ever moving towards either extreme and yet never reaching the full extreme. In other words, the balance point is dynamic rather than static, and that is how life works. Life is always working on trying to find the balance point, and the will pass through the balance point and then move towards an extreme end and then reach the extreme end and then move back towards the balance point and then move towards the other extreme end. This is why working on finding your balance point in your life and working on staying out of the extreme ends is so important to a healthier and happier life and yet, that is the hardest part of life and the paradox of life.

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