The Power of the Horse

For as long as I can remember I have always loved horses. I was not your typical girl ( and I am still not your typical woman!) who had posters of rock stars and other guys she liked. No, I had horse posters and lots of them. I started collecting Breyer horses when I was about 4 or 5 and I still have my collection to this day. Anything that had to do with horses, as far as decorations went, I wanted it. If you had no idea what I wanted for a birthday or Christmas, you could never go wrong with horses. As I grew up my passion for horses only grew. It never faded. All I wanted was a horse of my own. I didn’t know at the time the power these animals have for us but I did know that my life would not be complete without one. And then, in December of 1984 my dream came true. I got my first horse, Moanay. A big grey Arab mare that not only taught me to ride but taught me about life and even saved my life. Then I lost her but not before she had a beautiful daughter named Moa-Shah-Re. This mare was to be with me for 31 wonderful years. And once again this mare taught me about training horses, riding horses, teaching people, and most importantly taught me about myself. She was there for me no matter what. Not something most of us find in our human lives. And to me, this is the power of the horse. To be present for us no matter what. To love us unconditionally when no one else will in our lives. To accept us flaws and all and still greet us in the morning with a nicker and a nudge. To allow us to make mistakes and help us learn and become better human beings. To help us learn to laugh and have fun. And most importantly to me, is to help understand healthy relationships. What they look like. What it is like to experience healthy give and take in a relationship. And what it is like just have someone be there unconditionally through all of life’s ups and downs. To me, this is the true power of the horse.

Namaste. I bow to you my horse.

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