Coronavirus and Spirit Mountain Healing Center

Hi there!! This is Michelle Goss, Spirit Mountain Healing Center’s Director writing this post in the midst of the Coronavirus chaos in our lives. Even though things are still uncertain and there is still chaos about what is going to happen next with this crisis, I have a deep-seated belief that there is hope for all of us. We, as a nation, have been through other trying times together such as 911, the AIDS crisis, and many other crisis situations. And yet, I know we are all struggling with the daily uncertainties we, as a whole, are facing. From not knowing if we will have a paycheck, to how do I take feed my family, how to do I keep my family safe and healthy and yet still function on a daily basis, and many, many other pressing questions.

It is because of these uncertain times and the stresses we are all facing, I have significantly reduced rates for life coaching services at Spirit Mountain Healing Center whether the services be via phone, Skype, and other technology based platforms or for in-person sessions with the horses. SMHC is still open for in-person sessions with the horses. 

I am reducing rates in order to be able to offer help to ANYONE who is in need or wants support during these trying times. These reduced rates will be available until the Coronavirus crisis is over and we all move forward with our lives.

SMHC is taking safety measures to reduce person-to-person contact while still allowing physical contact with the horses to allow people access to the healing and comfort horses can bring us during the Coronavirus crisis.

Spirit Mountain Healing Center will still be holding the Red Ribbon ceremony on March 27, 2020 from 11am-1pm with an open house from 1pm -6pm. I feel it is extremely important to get the word out for those who are seeking help/support in these uncertain times. Spirit Mountain Healing Center has been working with those that are involved in the Ceremony to take every safety precaution necessary to help protect everyone who attends the event. I am strongly encouraging everyone to come out to the ceremony and open house to see and experience what Spirit Mountain Healing Center is all about and to meet the most important members of SMHC; The Horses.

Also, SMHC is offering “Come Meet a Horse” sessions for those who have children at home and are needing something to do with their children outside. SMHC is offering individual “sessions” for families with children from 3 to 17, to “Come Meet a Horse.” This includes things like brushing a horse, petting a horse, taking a horse for a walk (age appropriate), and many other activities designed to enhance the experience of being with a horse. (Please note:appropriate risk waiver paperwork will need to be signed by a parent or guardian in order for the children to participate in the “Come Meet a Horse” session). The rate for “Come Meet a Horse” is $20 for a half hour (1/2) session and is for up to 4 children. Or you can choose to have a one-hour (1) session for $40 for up to 4 children. 

For more information on either Spirit Mountain Healing Center’s services or for “Come Meet a Horse” sessions, please call/text Michelle at 480-988-2165 or email at 

            Please, I am asking you to pass this information on to ANYONE you can think of (or for yourself) who needs/wants the benefits from Spirit Mountain Healing Center’s equine assisted life coaching services or ANYONEwho has children and are desperately looking for something new and different to do with the children. 

            It is during trying times when we, as humans, need to pull together and support each other in whatever ways we can. By reducing rates, offering life coaching sessions via phone, Skype, and other technology based platforms, and offering “Come Meet a Horse” sessions, I feel Spirit Mountain Healing Center is doing it’s part to help all of us get through the Coronavirus crisis. 

My best wishes to all to stay safe and healthy,

Michelle Goss

Spirit Mountain Healing Center Director

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