Does it really matter?

      Well, here we ALL are. Finding out that over night things really can change and we are all struggling to figure out what life is going to be like from now on. Whether you still have a job or not EVERYTHING has changed. You know what they say about change? “The only thing that is constant in life is change.” And for all of us, that is our reality now. Every day is a new day full of uncertainties and challenges no one ever expected. So I have found myself lately asking the question “Does it really matter?” in regards to my choices in my “new life.” I find myself questioning things that used to matter to me or at least I thought they did. I find myself looking to the future, which is now only tomorrow for me. So many things I have been working towards are now put on hold or gone depending what happens in the next few months. The uncertainty of our lives has been shoved down our throats, so to speak, and the daily choices we all have to make now is what do I do with that uncertainty. How do I live my life today? How will I survive? How long can I survive like this? And many other questions. It is because of the extremeness of our situation that we have all been made to face the reality of our fragile mortality and that life REALLY can change in an instant. And in that instant, we can either embrace it or reject it. And in this case, rejecting reality could mean death.

And so we find ourselves with more time than money, which leads us to taking inventory of our lives, relationships, and ourselves. And then we find ourselves asking questions as we do our inventory, “Does this really matter? Should I actually care about this anymore? What purpose does it serve in my life now? Can I survive without this?” And this is what taking an inventory of our lives is actually all about. Taking a deep look at things in your life through the lens of the questions above. The inventory can include emotional, physical, spiritual, and material items in our lives. We can look at our behavior patterns, our physical and spiritual states of being, and we can make different choices when it comes to things like how we behave with others, how we practice self-care, and how we look at things that are greater than us as well as how we view groceries, furniture, cars, and any other material items. 

This is a very challenging time in all of our lives. There is no one that this coronavirus pandemic has not affected in some way. And when our lives due return to some sort of routine that does not include things like social distancing, eating out-in (that is where you get food from your favorite restaurant and you bring it home to eat since you cannot eat at the restaurant anymore. So I have named is “eating out-in”), and constantly trying to buy toilet paper and disinfectant wipes, we will all be changed in some way. For some it may be in a good way and for other in a not so good way, but either way, we will all be changed.  And so I find myself asking, “Does it really matter?” in the long run.

Namaste, my friends

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