In the back of my mind

  Well, the coronavirus pandemic has finally hit my business, especially since my business requires people to be at my facility and with the stay at home and social distancing order in place, I have had to make a difficulty decision. For now, I have put Spirit Mountain Healing Center on hold and I am now back on the road driving essential supplies around the country with my husband. I figure this way I can have some sense that I am helping people in this pandemic even if it isn’t in the way that I am passionate about. I am trying to be hopeful that when this pandemic is over, I will be able to help people grow, connect, and heal from this unprecedented times in our lives. So, for now I will be working from the truck and trying to post on a regular basis about my travels as a female truck driver in these crazy and unknown times.

I know cogitatively that this coronavirus pandemic will end at some point and we will all have to figure out our “new lives” in the post coronavirus pandemic world. And yet, there is this little voice in the back of my mind that keeps asking things like, “when will this craziness end? What will the world look like after this is over?” And the biggest question, “what will the future be like for all of us? Is there a future?”

Being out here on the road is scary and in a sense creepy. We have driven through Las Vegas which is a ghost town. No casinos open and no one on the strip. Everything is dark. And then there are the big shopping malls in the metro areas like Salt Lake City, where there are absolutely no cars at the mall. And the small towns that we have traveled through that are like “living ghost towns.” You see lights on in houses and apartments and yet there is no one outside. No one at the local favorite restaurant or bar. No cars at the one stop light in the middle of town. This is the scary and creepy part. There are people and yet there are no people.

As I have been travelling with my husband to different locations bringing much needed supplies, the feeling across this nation can be summed up in a few words. Depression, despair, uncertainty. Now, I know not every one feels this way and that is a good thing. We need those people who are holding down the front lines day in and day out despite the dark feelings. It is just very hard for all of us to come to some sort of terms with how quickly ALL of our lives changed in an instant. We have all known that life can do that and for many of us, we have already experienced live changing in an instant and yet none of us have ever experienced the radical life changes that came to all of us globally. And to me that is the scariest part of this pandemic. Up to now, if I had an issue in my life I could always find someone who had already experienced that issue and help me through it. And now. We are all in the same boat. No one on this planet has ever experienced what we are all going through right now. And to me that is where the feeling and the saying has come from. “We are all alone and yet together in this.” 

Namaste, my friends.

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