El Paso, Texas

I have driven through El Paso, Texas many times both driving and with my husband driving. Both in the middle of the night and in the middle of rush hour traffic. But Saturday morning I found myself driving through El Paso, Texas at 5:30am and I did not recognize where I was. The interstate was nearly barren except for a few cars and some 18-wheelers including us. I saw several neighborhoods where the police were patrolling for people outside and generally checking the neighborhoods. I know it was early in the morning and yet the sense of the city was a ghost town. There were lights on in houses and yet there was nobody moving around. It reminded me of a stage set. Everything to perfect detail and yet no actors on the stage. It is hard being out on the road right now to see the big cities in minimal mode and even harder going through the small rural towns that are practically ghost towns. 

I know I am out here helping others and trying to make a living and yet, I feel all alone and depressed to know that the life we all once knew will never be the same. No matter what.

Namaste, my friends.

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