The What if Game

We humans are the only animals on the planet that can play the “What if” game. No other animal on the planet has the ability (or desire for that matter) to try to see and predict the future. However, there is a slight problem with the game that we play. The problem is we generally get stuck on the first phase of the “what if” game and that is usually where we end the game. We only think about the worse case scenario and nothing more. Then we usually spend enormous amounts of time and energy play the worst case scenario over and over again in our heads until we are either exhausted, we shut down, or both. But, what if we played the game all the way to the end? Looked at every possibility that could come from the scenario of at each junction and ask the question “What if?” How would that change our outlook on the situation? How would that change (if at all) our energy and our mood? Would anything change? Would it be worth the time and energy to play the game “all the way out?” 

I believe it would be worth it to play the game all the way out if only for some piece of mind knowing that I could have solutions and possibly action plans for the “whole picture” of the situation rather than only a “piece of the puzzle.” But that is just who I am. I rather be pro active rather than reactive and I believe that playing the “what if game” all the through helps me do just that….be more proactive rather than just reactive.

Just something to think about my friends……..

Namaste, my friends.

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