Changing in an Instant

          With the passing days of all of us being on some sort of lockdown during this pandemic, the questions that are on a lot of minds now is “How do I move forward? And what does moving forward look like?” 

As I have come to realize recently, things that I have “known” all my life are now real and basically in my face everyday. Things like I have always known that life can change in an instant. In fact, I have experienced that many times in my life. However, this time is WAY different and that difference is because I am not the only one dealing with the change. WE all are. And not just here in the US but on the entire global level. Something NO ONE on the planet has ever experienced before. And that changes everything. We have no one to turn to to help us get through these times, as we have in the past. Usually in the past, we turn to someone who has been through a similar situation to find guidance, information, and support which helps us process the change we have experienced. This is the basis of support groups. But how to do you create a support group for the entire world? How do you create a support group when no on has gone through a similar situation? At this point, I have no idea. The only thing that I do know is that we can all reach out to each other and discuss how we are handling each day and each new situation as it arises. And for now, that is all we can do.

So for now, it is one day at a time (as it always has been but now it is crucial to getting through each day) and doing the best that we can with what we have that day, and continuing to move forward each day, even though the pace is that of an inch worm. And for myself, that pace is driving me crazy but I guess it is better than nothing. For now……..

Namaste, my friends.

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