We are broken. As a nation, a community, as individuals. The coronavirus has left us broken in ways no one could have ever imagined. The coronavirus has upended our lives in ways no one was prepared for. The coronavirus left us with grief, anxiety, anger, depression, and fear. Lots and lots of fear. And just when things were starting to “come back” in our lives where maybe we could all start looking forward to life moving on, and even though it would be a “new normal life” we could start coming out of our houses, going back to work, having our kids go back to school, and the many other things in our lives that were either taken away or put on hold because of the coronavirus. Just as we were starting to heal from the wounds from the coronavirus, just as we were starting to say “We made it through this. It wasn’t easy and we know it isn’t over with yet, but we are getting out our houses and starting to “test the waters” in this “new life” post coronavirus. 

            And then……..we get blindsided by injustice once again. Only this time it is not a virus, but human beings. Suddenly we find ourselves watching the TV news to see riots all over the country. Force begetting force. Anger spilling into the streets. Anxiety rising to high levels once again. And we find ourselves plunged into uncertainty and unrest once again. And just as we were starting to heal ourselves from the coronavirus. Just as we were starting to feel less broken and a little bit more whole. We, once again find ourselves broken. Only this time, it is not a virus, it is human beings.

  However, injustice no matter whether experienced through natural events or man made events, cannot itself been seen to the naked eye just like a virus cannot be seen by the naked eye. However, the effects of both can be seen and experienced by all. And no matter what the initial cause of the injustice is, it can leave a nation, a community, and individuals broken. And just as we were all starting to heal.

Something to think about.

Namaste, my friends

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