Life these days has been crazy and chaotic to say the least. Between the pandemic and then the riots and protests, one finds oneself asking the question, “When will life come back to some semblance of normalcy? How can we as humans move on in life? How can we all work to just ‘get along’?” And so many other questions. For many of us, life is slowly working into some sort of “new norm” and routine. Though there are still so many things that are still uncertain, such as how will schools look if and when they reopen? How long until a vaccine is available? How do we continue to work on resuming our lives when the coronavirus is still present and claiming lives every day? How do I try to move my life forward with so much ambiguity and uncertainty in daily life? How……

Well, I don’t have the answers to many of the questions we are asking ourselves these days however, I do know one answer. And that is to take one day a time and to expect things to change each day and to work on accepting this is just how life is going to be for some time. And then again….hasn’t life always been that way?

Namaste, my friends.

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