Fundamentally Flawed

Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? Why do people discriminate against others whether the other is a female, a male, black, Hispanic, purple with poka dots or any other characteristic of a person?

My answer. Humans are fundamentally flawed. We are genetically programed to judge things that may threaten our safety. This program was essential way back when during the cave man days where having a system to be able to judge the safety of someone or something rather quickly usually meant the difference between life and death. Fast forward to the present day where there are still situations where one must judge a situation quickly in order to make decisions about what is safe and not safe. However, it would seem to me that judging someone based on their skin color, religious beliefs, or even sexual orientation in todays world would lend itself to MORE issues of safety and death rather than working ALL together as human beings, especially in our coronavirus pandemic world. Because in the end aren’t we ALL human beings just trying to do our best in this crazy coronavirus pandemic world? And yet, here we are. Riots and protests about skin colors, truck drivers being pulled out of their trucks by rioters and their trucks being set on fire, stores of all kinds being vandalized and looted. All because, as I see it, we are all fundamentally flawed and the biggest threat to our lives and our wellbeing is the coronavirus which has triggered us back to our basic survival modes.

    Live at ANY cost.

 And that is the fundamental flaw of being a human being.

Namaste, my friends.

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