Raw. That is what I feel now. I feel as though I have no skin on my body and yet somehow I am still alive. I feel that the recent events in my life have slowly eroded my skin and left me raw and unable to fully recover. It seems that we, in this world are getting hit daily with things that are leaving us raw and vulnerable. Two things we as human beings do not tolerate well if at all. From the coronavirus pandemic, which has left us alone and isolated from each other, to the protests and riots about justice for all, no matter what the skin color, religious belief, sexual orientation, or anything else that can cause us to feel threatened. And yet, in this time of great strife, when we as human beings should be drawing closer to help and support one another, we find ourselves raw and threatened by any little thing. So, I ask, how do we heal our rawness when there is no one on this planet who has been through what we are all going through now?

But for now, we are all just raw.

Namaste, my friends.

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