Dangerous Territory

 Raw and vulnerable. Two things that put us as human beings in dangerous territory. It is dangerous because being raw and vulnerable can make us do things we would not normally do. It can make us react to things that would normally not cause us to react. It can make us do things that we will regret later or that we cannot escape from. This is where I see us now. In dangerous territory. As the pressures of our lives in the coronavirus pandemic increase from riots, protests, injustices, government issues and inconsistencies, unemployment, and many other life issues, we are becoming more and more raw and vulnerable to the little things in life that may cause us to “go over the edge.” And this is dangerous territory. Going over the edge in past history has led the world to world wars, famines, social unrest, and civil wars. All of which are not good things and yet this seems to be the cycle of the world and of us human beings. And yet, I do not like where we are right now. In dangerous territory. Only time will tell if we go over the edge or we all come together and pull ourselves back from the edge. Only time.

Namaste, my friends.

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