Kentucky Bluegrass Morning

 I found myself driving the other morning starting at 1am. I was heading up to Kentucky from Florida with a load of trees, of all things. The night was uneventful and the driving easy. And then the sky started to lighten as the early morning dawn was approaching. The sky got lighter and lighter and I was starting to be able to see the scenery that was around me. It was quiet and peaceful out here on the road at this time of the morning and I found myself thinking about the simple things in life such as how the sky was changing colors as the dawn was approaching and then I crossed into Kentucky. And suddenly there was a valley off to my right that was absolutely breathtaking. The valley was covered in fog and yet you could still see the green trees peeking out here and there through the fog. The sun had not yet crested the hills and yet it was light enough out to see all colors clearly. It was such a simple sight and yet so breathtaking. It seemed in that moment all the colors were in high definition and just popped. It was only a couple of seconds or so that I was able to see this fog covered valley and yet there was a peacefulness that came over me and stayed with me for many miles after. I believe it stayed with me because in those seconds I was reminded of the majestic simplicity of life despite what is occurring in each of our daily lives. And in those moments, I was grateful to be reminded of that simplicity of life.

Namaste, my friends.

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