Florida’s Rivers

As I pass by the many rivers in Florida, I find myself looking at the pristineness of the rivers and those that may live on their banks. I am reminded in these chaotic times of uncertainty that there are still things that are certain, such as the river winding its way towards a lake or possibly the ocean. The river is still staying its course despite what it going on around it in the human world. And this is what I am trying to hold onto these days. To try and be more like the Florida rivers. Just work on flowing with the day no matter if the day is sunny or rainy, no matter who is out on the river with me or who is not out on the river with me. To stay my course and though I may not know my final destination, I know that at some point I will reach a place where I can know that at least I survived the journey that got me to this point and from here I can decide if I should stay where I am or continue on down the river.

Namaste, my friends.

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