Nowhere Nevada

We were heading to Seattle, Washington to deliver a load of pre-boxed dinners. We headed up through Nevada up Highway 93 I believe it was. According to the truck’s GPS, this way would save us time and mileage. Something that as a truck driver is important. And so we started up the highway. And we kept going and going and going. At times, it was pretty scary since we were out in the middle of Nowhere Nevada with no cell reception, no fuel stops, and little to no traffic. The more we drove on, the more it felt like we were on a different planet or we were the only people left on thisplanet. However, we finally started to see small towns and more people on the roads. It was a relief to know that we were nearing the end of the highway that went through Nowhere Nevada. I am not sure the time and mileage we saved was worth the stress of being out there in Nowhere Nevada by ourselves. Only time will tell if we take the road less traveled in Nowhere Nevada.

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