Struggling with Life

 It seems to me that life has always had struggles and uncertainties, however with the Coronavirus pandemic, the struggles and uncertainties have multiplied exponentially. I have always known that the best way to live life is doing one day at a time and even though I have known that, I was never very good at practicing it. Now, living one day at a time is crucial and pretty much essential if one wants to live some sort of life these days. I have always been one for learning new things in life, but with this pandemic, I feel that some of life’s lessons have been forced “down my throat”, so to speak. And I don’t know about you, but I do not deal well when things are forced on me. I do not learn well when I am under that sort of pressure and I believe no one else learns as well. And therefore, if we are not learning, then we are in survival mode and just existing and trying to get through each day. I find myself on a daily basis wishing that some how I could get some part of my pre-coronavirus life back. That some how I could find a way to not feel so forced about my daily decisions and to actually feel some sort of hope, even for just a moment. And yet, each day I get up and face the harsh reality of my life. The coronavirus pandemic has forced me to change things that I never wanted to change and accept things I never wanted to accept. And this is my daily struggle with life.

Namaste, my friends.

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