What is judgmentalness? Well it has the words judge and mental in it so there for it is the act of judging the mental state of someone. We all judge. It is part of survival mode. We must judge someone quickly for our safety. It is just hardwired into us. And generally we are not aware we are even doing it at the time we meet someone new. And for most of us, judging someone is with the best intentions. However, to me judgmentalness is when someone judges another in a conscious way and uses that judgment against the other person. In other words, the person who is engaging in judgmentalness does not have the best intentions. Maybe they want to hurt the other person because they cannot deal with their anger and pain. Maybe they want to feel “bigger” than the other person. And maybe they just don’t know any better. And if that is the case, it means that person is just plain scared to live life. And that is really sad and unfortunately because that is no way to live life in the condition I call judgmentalness.

Namaste my friends.

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