Relentlessness. It is characterized by an unwillingness to relent or to let up. The relentlessness of  the Covid-19 virus on the human species is becoming draining and exhausting on all of us. The relentlessness of the Covid-19 virus has shown itself now in the variant strains of the virus that are all around us. The relentlessness of the Covid-19 virus is pushing the human species to the edge and yet we fight back through the relentlessness of the frontline worker, who risk their lives every day to help those with the Covid-19 virus. It is the relentlessness of the first responders who help those that are in need of aid, whether it be medical, fire, or police aid. And it is the relentlessness of those people who will help all of us get through the Covid-19 virus once and for all.

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