What Depression can be like………

Afraid, angry, annoyed, anxious, apologetic, ashamed, belittlement, broken, catastrophe,  chaos, collapse, conundrum, crisis,  decline, depressed, desolation, disaster, disappointed, disgrace, despair, desperation, devastation, discouragement, disturbed, distressed, embarrassed, empty, entanglement, exhausted, failure, fragile, frightened, frustrated, guilty, heavy-heartedness, hopeless, humiliation, hurt, inadequacy, irritated, lonely, mad, melancholy, misery, neurosis, nervous, panic, paralysis, restless, sad, scared, scattered, shame, shambles, shattered nerves, sorry, sorrow, stagnation, stress, tearfulness, terrified, tired, trauma, unsure, upset, unhappiness, vulnerable, void, worried, and worthless.

Namaste, my friends.

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