I Will Not Accept…..

There have been good times and very dark times. There have been times I have wanted you and there were times when I needed you. And yet no matter what I have stuck by you in the good and the bad times. I have loved you as unconditionally as I could. However, that has not been good enough. I will not accept the yelling and screaming at me anymore. I will not  accept the lack of communication between us. I will not accept the lack of my needs being not heard, accepted, and met consistently. I will not accept not being visible to you except when you need me. I will not accept the abuse and neglect from you anymore. I will not accept the disrespect from you, as I have come to realize that I need, want, and deserve to be treated better in my life, especially from those that are supposed to love me. And with that…..I am not willing to accept you in my life anymore……I am moving on. With or without you.

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