What is growth? To some it is new and exciting. It is learning something new either about themselves, their life, or the world. For others growth is something scary and unnecessary. Something to be avoided because to them growth is painful. Unfortunately, growth in the best is uncomfortable and at worst horrifically painful. And yet growth is all around us every day. Ever see an infant just a couple weeks old and then a couple of months go by and poof, that infant is no longer small and fragile. He/she may have hair and starting to talk and maybe even starting to walk. Depending on the time that has gone by. And the one thing most of us say is,” My he/she has really grown!!”  No one stops to think about the growth that infant did in those couple of months. And those of us who are parents, know what teething pain is!!! 

However, when it comes to emotional growth, that is a different story. Most of us do not like the changes that go with growth. Most of us have had “bad experiences” with changes and growth and yet most of us have reached adulthood and are still alive and breathing to this day. Somehow we have managed to survive the growth and the changes that go with growth. Growth is something none of us can avoid. Growth is part of life. It is what we decide to DO withgrowth that is in our lives that makes the difference. Dealing with growth is a process and it starts with a decision on how to look at growth. Either good or bad. But the decision is up to you and you alone. Because life is all about growth in one form or another.

Namaste, my friends.

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