The Uncomfortable Challenge

So what is uncomfortable? By definition is means either “experiencing physical discomfort or feeling mental discomfort or both at the same time.” Most of us do not like to be uncomfortable whether it is physical or emotional.  And yet that uncomfortableness is just part of life. There is no “good way” to get around being uncomfortable. And how many of us try just that? To circumvent being uncomfortable in whatever way we can think of and yet all that does is actually create more uncomfortableness. Which can lead us to trying different ways to avoid being more uncomfortable and well, do you see where I am going with this? It becomes a vicious, energy draining cycle. And then we wonder, “Why am I so exhausted?”

So here is the challenge. Rather than work hard at trying to avoid being uncomfortable, what is you just acknowledge the uncomfortableness for a moment? Nothing more, nothing less. Just look at it and acknowledge the uncomfortableness is there. What if, rather than using your energy to “keep the uncomfortableness at bay, or out of sight out of mind”, you chose to use your energy to recognize the uncomfortableness and accept  it is what is at the moment. Uncomfortable. What if?

Namaste, my friends.

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