By definition obstacles are things that prevent, hinder or block one’s progress. We have all at some time been stopped in our tracks because of obstacles. Obstacles that we did not know where coming or ones we put in our own way, most of the time not knowing we put those obstacles in our way. No matter how you have encountered obstacles in your life, they can be simple to navigate at best and life altering at the worst. Either way, life is full of obstacles. It is up to each person to decide if and how they want to handle the obstacles. For some people, it means not dealing with the obstacles. To just work at ignoring the obstacles and hoping for the “bet.” The “best” being that the obstacles “just go away.” Which does not happen. Obstacles do not “go away on their own.” One must be willing to figure out ways to navigate obstacles. Some times it means figuring out ways around the obstacles. Some times it means to find a way to “remove it from your path.” Either way one chooses to deal with obstacles in their life. The outcome is much better than “just ignoring” the obstacles. Because when one ignores obstacles in their life, instead of the obstacles getting smaller or being removed, they just get bigger and bigger until the path is completely blocked. And when this happens, a person is stuck. Plain and simple. Just stuck.

Namaste, my friends.


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