What is anxiety? Is it the queazy feeling in your stomach? Is it shaking hands and rapid breathing? Or is it something that is quiet? Something that slowly drains you energy, your zeal for life? Is it something that causes you to always worry about the future? Is it something that you experience more often than you know? Is it something that has control of your life and you have no idea that it is in control?

Anxiety is not alway something that is obvious such as panic attacks, racing heart, or upset stomach. Anxiety is a quiet voice inside your head that keeps telling you “something bad is going to happen.” And yet, you keep “doing” your life. Going to work, going out with friends, spending time with your family. And all that time, the “little voice inside your head” is having a one-sided conversation with you about what could go wrong in life. And it is the “little voice,” constantly having a conversation inside your head, that wears you out the most. This is what anxiety is…..non-stop chatter inside your head about what could go wrong in your life. How many of you can relate? I know I can.

Namaste, my friends.

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There is HOPE. There Is HELP.

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