Depression. What do you think about when you hear the word “depression?” Do you think about someone who cannot get out of bed? Do you think about someone one has no friends, no family, and no life? do you think about someone who is “stuck” in their life? Or do you think about someone who is exhausted every day and yet still gets out of bed each and every day? Do you think about someone who goes to work each day even though they dread the thought of dealing with co-workers and bosses every day? 

And you thought depression was about not being able to daily actives. While this can be true for many people, there are more people who are dealing with depression and you would never know it. Does this resonate with you? I know it does for me, because I have been one of those people. Dealing with depression and yet “showing up” each and every day. This is what depression can look like.

Namaste, my friends.

For more information about depression and getting help, please visit There is HOPE. There is HELP.

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