We have all experienced it. Some have experienced in “quiet subtle” ways and others have experienced in violent and explosive ways. By definition, anger is a strong or intense feeling of displeasure, annoyance or hostility. Most of us do not “like” anger because we have been “told” that anger is not “lady-like.” Or that “only” men can have anger. And yet we all have the emotion, anger. And whether you believe it or not, having the emotion anger is OKAY. We are human therefore we have anger. So do other animals. Ever seen a horse who has anger? How about a dog or a cat or an elephant? All of these animals have anger and it is okay with them. They are not “taught” that anger is “bad.” They are taught that it is okay to have anger as long as they process it appropriately and release the anger so they can move on in life. This is the process of emotions and anger is no different. Did you know there are 3 types of anger? Yep. There is passive-aggressive, which is the more “quiet subtle” type of anger. Many of us do this without realizing we are actually dealing with anger. 

Then there is open aggression or open anger, which is somewhat self-explanatory. This type of anger means that a person does not “hold back” their anger. They can be yelling and screaming and possibly become physically violent towards self and others. And then there is assertive anger. And you guessed it. This is the best way to handle your anger. It is a healthy way to process anger. What this means is that you acknowledge your emotion of anger rather than either try to hide it or let it control you. Once you have acknowledged the anger, you can then start to choose HOW you want to deal with the anger. Maybe you need to go for a walk, or talk to a friend about what is causing you to have anger or maybe you need professional help to start to “unwind” the patterns of anger in your life. What ever way you choose to handle you anger in the moment will benefit you and others in your life because you will have processed the anger more like other animals in life. You acknowledge you are angry, you choose to work on releasing the emotion in a healthy way, and then you go back to what you were doing because you have released the anger. 

It is not easy to do learn to do this at first however with the help of horse guided coaching, learning how to process through anger by working with powerful horses is empowering and life changing in the moment. What better way to learn how to manage your anger then with a horse who knows what anger is too?

namaste, my friends.

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