Stuck in the Why

Ever feel you are broken? That life just sucks? That is seems no matter what you do you keep repeating your pattern of XYZ? And just when you think you have got things figured out, bam… throws you a curve ball and suddenly you feel broken again?

I know for myself I have been in this cycle more times than I can count in my life. And it is exhausting to say the least. I am always on edge. “Waiting for the other shoe to drop” so to speak. Always wondering what is going to happen next. And when I finally wear myself out with the anxiety about the “what if’s” I collapse into a big heap and find myself in darkness. In other words, depression. It is when I switch to depression that I find I ask myself, “Why do I keep ending up here? Why can I not change things for the better in my life? Why does this keep happening to me?”

And until I can find MY answer to these questions, I will be Stuck in the Why.

Namaste, my friends.

This is where horse guided coaching can help a person figure out their “Why’s” and the answers to those “Why” questions. Horses show us our “Why’s” and give us our answers to our “Why’s.” We just have to be open to the incredible healing power of horses.

To help get “unstuck in you Why’s” please visit and check out the workshop series called “Emotions, Energy, & Horses.”

For more information please email Michelle at

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