Silence Within

What is it mean to be silent? Is it to be: mute, dumb, muted, speechless, uncommunicative, wordless, inarticulate, tongue-tie, nonvocal, voiceless, dumbstruck, sulking, sullen, close-mouthed, aloof, reserved, tight-lipped, withdrawn, restrained, hushed, noiseless, quiet, soundless.

Or is it about being still? Being quiet within? Is it a process so one can start to connect with one’s self for the sake of making peace within and without. Doesn’t the word peace also mean silent? Peace for one’s self means tranquility and a freedom from disturbances both internally and externally and in order to find peace with one’s self first there must be silence within. The fear must be quieted. The anxiety must be quieted. The anger must be quieted. The frustration must be quieted. And the confusion must be quieted. This is the start of the process to obtaining the silence within.

Namaste, my friends.

To learn how to start quieting anxiety, fear, anger and confusion visit or email Michelle at

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