To Be Seen

We all want this in some way. To be seen. To be heard. To be accepted. And yet so many of us do not feel seen at all. Or we are seen as others want to see us rather than be seen as we are and who we are. And so we try to be seen. We adapt. We change. We try to “fit” in by being someone we are not. And yet when we make these “changes” we find we actually do not fit in. We find our selves not having a voice in our own life. We find our selves not doing the things we love to do. We find our selves lost from our selves. And we find that when all we wanted was to be seen, we find our selves not being seen. By anyone. By our loved ones. By our self.

Namaste, my friends.

Horse guided coaching can help you been seen in your life by helping you see yourself again. Learn to make peace with yourself through horse guided coaching sessions.

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