Gut Feelings

We all have “gut feelings.” The feeling of something not being “right.” The feeling of something “wrong.” The feeling we “shouldn’t” be doing something. The feeling we “shouldn’t” be with a person. The feeling of just “knowing” something, yet not knowing how we know. And it is because of the fear we have about knowing something without knowing how we know it, causes us to deny, dismiss, and ignore our gut feelings. And when we do not even consider our gut feelings. When we do not “push pause” for a moment or two, to be able to “look at” our gut feelings, we end up in situations that we are not happy about. Or worse we find ourselves in physical, emotional, and/or spiritual harm. And then we “beat ourselves up” for not “listening” to our gut feelings. Remember we all have gut feelings for a reason. We may not know what that reason for the feeling at that moment, however it is there. The gut feeling is trying to get our attention. It would be wise of us to take a moment and just listen. Just listen to the gut feeling and what it is trying to tell us. Maybe if we all did this more often there would be less pain and suffering in this world? Just a thought or is it a gut feelings?

Namaste, my friends.

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