What is denial? We all know about it. We all talk about it. And we all do it. But what is it really?

According to the Oxford Languages dictionary, denial means the “the action of declaring something is not true” or “the act of refusing something that is requested or desired.” 

How many can relate to these definitions? And how many of you are not even aware you are in denial? Isn’t that part of the problem with denial? You may not even know you are in denial. Denial can be used as a defense to protect one’s self from something uncomfortable and painful. Something someone does not want to deal with. Something someone does not know how to deal with. And something someone is not even aware they are doing. 

This is why denial is such a powerful protective defense. How do you tell someone they are in denial when they deny they are in denial? And here lies in the issue. Something I know we have all had to deal with at some point in our lives with people we know and care about. So how do you handle denial? How do you help someone who is in denial? Those are the mystery questions and why I feel working with horses through horse guided coaching activities is one of the most powerful ways to help someone who is in denial about being in denial because you cannot lie to a horse. It doesn’t work. Trust me. I have tried it many times in my life until I realized I was in denial. And that is when my life started to shift for the better. This is the amazing power of horses to help humans learn how to make peace with themselves to live and love more empowered. Who wouldn’t want to learn that?

Namaste, my friends. 

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