Acceptance Again and Again

What do I mean acceptance again? I mean that acceptance is a process and something that comes and goes. I may accept something or someone today but tomorrow I may not. I may move into acceptance and then move into denial or anger or some over emotion.

You see, emotions are like storms. They are supposed to come and go. To move on after a short time period. Now just like storms, some may be devastating and cause harm. Others are like a gentle rain. Cleansing and refreshing. And there are all kinds of storms in between. And everyone perceives storms differently even if they have experienced the storms together. Each and every one of us is unique in how we perceive and experience storms. And this is no different in regards to emotions and people. We are all different in how we perceive and process or not process our emotions. For those of us who know how to process our “storms” (emotions) we will be able to move on in life faster. We will be able to reach acceptance again. For those who do not know how to process their “storms”, many will be stuck in their “storms” and will not be able to reach acceptance again. Until they decide they need to seek help in learning how to process their “storms” they will be “trapped” in their “storms.” And this is a sad thing to consider. Would you be happy knowing you were “trapped” in your “storms?” I know I wouldn’t be happy. So how does one start figuring out how to become “untapped” in one’s “storms?” 

Glad you asked. To me, horse guided coaching activities are the best way to start learning how to navigate one’s “storms” in a non-confrontational and highly effective way. Through horse guided coaching activities with the horses, one learns first how to recognize “storms” and then learn how to “navigate the storms” so one does not become “trapped in the storms.” A very effective and non-judgmental way to learn how to make peace with yourself and live and live a life empowered. 

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