A Love Letter to Self

Write a love letter to yourself. Use all the affectionate and loving terms that you might use to another person with whom you were in love.

Dear Me,

I love you……….for all of the things that you are.  I love you for the unique person that you are and for all of the characteristics that you hold.

What I love about you is……that you are a compassionate caring person who loves to help people.  You are a person who is loyal to those that you love and will do anything for those that you love.  You are selfless in the ways you try to show your love and compassion.  I love that you are adventurous and that you are determined and tenacious when you set your mind to something.  You give yourself whole heartedly to the cause.  I love that you are so empathetic.

What I like about you is…….That you are willing to share your passions and your experiences with those that are interested.  I like you for your willingness to be open and to view the world through different eyes.  I like that you want to grow and become a better person even if it means going through some pain and tough times.

I am proud of you because……you have made it this far in life despite all the obstacles in your way.  I am proud of you for wanting not only to make a difference in other people’s lives but in your own as well.  I am proud of you that even though there were times when you wanted to give up and call it quits you didn’t.  You persevered.  I am so proud of you for becoming authentic and real not only with the outside world but with yourself.  I am so proud of you and all of the work you have done.  You are amazing.

I am sad for you because…you have a father that does not want anything to do with you.  I am sad for you because you have a daughter who’s father is like your father.  I am sad for you because you got married to the wrong person and then ended up divorcing.  I am sad for you that you a have a step father, who was more of a father to you than your real father, who has now gotten himself stuck in his “stuff” and has withdrawn from you, your mother, and your daughter.  I am sad for you that you lost so much of your life to anger and sadness.  I am sad that you had to experience trauma and abuse and the hardships of other people’s poor choices.

I forgive you for….living so long in anger and pain. I forgive you for not divorcing sooner. I forgive you for not living authentically sooner.  I forgive you for all of the past issues both with you and with others.

I think you can…finally find the peace that you have sought for so long.   I think you can become a great horse guided coach and finally make a difference in the world.  I think you can overcome the obstacles in your life and still be authentic.  I think you can be a great mom.

I hope for you…..that you will find the peace that you seek soon.  That you will be able to recognize when anger and pain are trying to overtake you.  I hope for you that you will go on to do great things with your life and be an incredible role model for your daughter and your students.

I will show my love by telling you how much I love you often.  I will show my love by taking care of you when you are ill and by telling you that you need to take a break.  I will show my love by telling you how much I appreciate all the things you do and that I appreciate you and all of your talents.  I will show my love by being there to support you in good times as well as bad times.

I love you….. with all of my heart and soul.  I cannot image this world without you.

What would your love letter to yourself say? I encourage you to write a love letter to yourself. It is more helpful than you will ever imagine.

Namaste, My Friends


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