Life is confusing. We have all experienced confusion in our lives in one way or another. We feel stuck. We feel indecisive. We feel puzzled. We feel disorganized. We feel chaos. We feel madness. Or we feel nothing. Or we feel overwhelmed. Or we feel everything all  at once. We cannot think straight. We cannot make decisions. We cannot “hear our gut,” our intuition. We cannot hear others when they talk to us. We cannot “see” a way out. We “see” helplessness. And we may even “see” hopelessness. These are a few of the things we feel when we are facing confusion. 

So how do we get through the confusion? One step at a time. One awareness at a time. Slowly, little by little. You see, confusion is in our lives to help us slow down. To help see the “bigger picture.” To see things from a different perspective. Confusion is only a temporary state of being when you are aware you are confused and choose to move through the process rather than trying to ignore and “stuff it down.” So how will you choose to deal with the confusion in your life?

Namaste, my friends.

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