Accepting Reality and The Truth

Accepting reality and the truth in our lives is never easy. In fact, it can be down right horrifically painful. It can cut us to the core. To our soul. It can cause us to break down. To freeze and not be able to breathe. It can be a “bitter pill” that is hard to swallow. And we feel we are “choking on reality and the truth.” However, in time, if we choose to sit with our feelings of pain, loss, grief, anger, sadness, hurt, fear, disappointment, then we can start to move towards reality and accepting the truth of our situation. Like everything in life, this is a process. And processes take time. Processes take feeling what we would rather not feel. Processes require doing the “hard stuff.” Processes require us to be present in the moment and not run away and hide.  Processes require us to grow and heal. Processes require us to accept reality and the truth. And this is the reality and truth of life.

Namaste, my friends

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