I like to use the word shifting rather than changing. It seems that the word change invokes fear and anxiety into many of us. And yet, our lives, our bodies, our emotions are changing every day. They are changing every minute. And we say we do not like change. True some of us deal with change better or worse than others and yet change is an inevitable fact of life. Everything in our life changes. But what if we replaced the word change with the word shift or shifting? Would that make it easier to accept? Would the word shift give you a different way to think about how life really is? Would using the word shifting help reduce your fear and anxiety about life? Can replacing one word for another actually help you? Could it actually make you feel better and less anxious?

Well, consider this. I have just planted “seeds” into your mind about the word change. And now you are probably considering shifting your perception about how life really is. And now you have shifted “gears.”

Namaste, my friends.

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