Coming Unglued

We all come unglued at some point in our lives. And some of us come unglued more often than we would like. However it is not the coming unglued that is the issue. We all do it. It is how we handle our situation when we come unglued. And this can create more problems because many of us have no idea on what to do when we come unglued. We just know that we don’t want to come unglued and yet here we are. Yelling, screaming, calling people names, hitting objects, running away, withdrawing and checking out. 

So what causes us to come unglued? People, places, situations? All of them? To me, coming unglued is when I am pushed beyond my limits. Beyond my tolerance for bad behaviors and actions. When words do not match actions. When a person says one thing and does something else. When I am exhausted. When I am not feeling well both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When I not heard by those that “love me.” When I am told I am “overacting” and yet the person who is accusing me being over reactive is doing just that. Over reacting. And I am just reacting to their overreaction. When I am not “seen” by other’s as me. When my needs are not met. When my needs are dismissed as not being important. When I am not seen as a unique, authentic person who is making her way through this world one day at a time like the rest of us. That is when I come unglued.

Namaste, my friends.

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