False Reality

We all have our own realities. We also call it our perception of our lives. But how many of us are aware that our realities could be false? That they could be what we don’t want them to be or they are exactly what we want them to be? This is the challenge in life. We, as humans, have to make meaning out of our experiences. It’s just part of being human. However, this need comes at a price. The price is that we may make things be what they are not. We may only “see what is good” rather than the whole picture. We may just turn a “blind eye” to the facts. We may try to force things to be the way we want them to be rather than accept what they are. Whatever we do or do not do, we can all see one another’s reality as false. And that is just part of being human. 

Namaste, my friend.


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