Running into a Brick Wall

Ever had this happen to you. You are going about your life doing what you need and want to do. Things seem to be okay. Nothing good nothing bad, just moving alone. And then suddenly you are stopped dead in your tracks as you smash face first into a giant brick wall. At first you are shocked. What happened? Where did that wall come from? How did I not see that brick wall? And then the pain sets in. The pain of wondering how this brick wall came to suddenly be right in front of you. The thoughts of how did I not know this brick wall was coming? Am I really that blind? Am I really that stupid? Am I really that naive? 

And so it takes some time to first of all recover from running into the brick wall that seemed to appear from nowhere. You work on your pain. You work on acknowledging it. You work on releasing it. You work on healing it. And this all takes time. More time than we would all like as no on that I know of likes to be in pain for any longer than they absolutely have to be. And yet, if you try to force time, you only end of creating more pain for yourself. It is my opinion, albeit not an easy thing to do, one needs to learn how to “just sit with the pain” in order to get through it. There are no shortcuts. Unfortunately. I wish there were. However, once you have started moving through the pain, the process does get easier. At this time you can start to figure out how to move around the brick wall or take it down. You will find you have choices. And that is a good thing. Until the next time you run into a brick wall.

Namaste, my friends.

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