In Love with Potential

We have all been in love before. Sometimes the love is fleeting and other times it is deeply passionate. And we have all fallen out of love and had our hearts broken. And yet we seem to get up again and try to find love again. So what is love to you? What does love look like to you? And have you ever fallen in love with potential rather than reality? I know I have done that many times. Fallen in love with potential and not the reality. It is hard because I can see the potential that the person themselves either cannot see or does not want to see. And when I hit unwillingness from the other person, it is time to step back and reassess. This may mean pushing pause. It may mean ending things. And it may mean stepping back and taking care of one’ self first rather than others. And to me when one steps back and starts taking care of themselves first, they are moving from being in love with potential to true love of self. And this is a very powerful place to be. So, start working on falling in love with YOUR potential rather than others and see what life has in store for you.

Namaste, my friends.

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