Self Care is NOT Selfish

Self care is not selfish. Sounds confusing, right? Because the essence of self care is selfish. One is taking care of themselves. One is looking out for one’s self. One is listening to one’s self. All of these “things” appear to be selfish. But are they really? What if one is taking care of one’s self so she/he can better take care of others? What if one is looking out for one’s self to be able to help others learn how to take care of one’ self? What if one is listening to one’s self to better know thyself in order to communicate with others what she/he needs in the moment?

Would all of these things then be considered selfish? Or is it the intent and purpose behind the self care that really matter? To me, if I am taking care of myself so that I can give back to those around me, sustainably, would that be selfish? Or selfless? 

Something to ponder.

Namaste, my friends.

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