The Rat Race

We have all heard about our lives being called “The Rat Race.” But what exactly is the rat race? Is it people scrambling for food and stuff? Is it working more than 40 hours a week non-stop? Is it working more than relaxing? Is it where life is out of balance and you are constantly under stress, not eating well, and sleep? Who needs sleep anyway? Does this sound like the rat race? Are we all going so fast that we do not know how to slow down? How to take one day and step at a time? Is the rat race all about being disconnected from self and others? To me, this is ultimately what the rat race is all about……going and going and going and going until we don’t even know who we are. In the end, the rat race does not help make our lives better, it disconnects us from self and others. And this is why it is called “The Rat Race.”

Namaste, my friends.

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