Complacency is a human thing. No other animal has the capacity to be complacent. Life itself is not complacent. Have you ever seen a tree take a break from changing the color of its leaves in the fall? Have you ever seen a horse “migrate” when it is too cold or too hot? Have you ever seen the sun take a day off? The answer to all of these questions is no. Life is not complacent. Life does not take a “day off.” Life is always moving one way or another. Complacent is defined as  being recognized by self-satisfaction especially when it is accompanied by an unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies. By definition that would mean that someone who is complacent is unaware of themselves, others, situations, and life. And this unawareness is very dangerous because one “is blind” to the dangers that are around her/him. Just look at history and see how the complacency of humans actually destroyed humans. Because life is not complacent. Only humans are complacent and that is our greatest weakness.

Namaste, my friend

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