Paper Walls

Many times in life we encounter a wall and we think it is solid. We think we cannot got through this wall. We think we are stuck or trapped by this wall. We don’t believe we can figure out a way around, over, or through the wall. However, we have not even tried to figure anything out. Our brains have us trapped in thinking the worst case scenario, and we find ourselves stuck with this wall in front of us. But what if we didn’t listen to the worst case scenario? What if we just started trying different things to see if we could get past this wall one way or another? What if we just started trying different things? And what if we found out the wall in front of us that seemed impenetrable was actually just made out of paper? Consider that. Because many times the walls that seemed impenetrable are actually easy to push through. You just have to believe in yourself and have faith that you will be able to get through the wall that is in front of you now.

Namaste, my friends

Want to learn how to “push though your walls?” Want to learn how to see your walls are only made of paper? Reach out to me at or to learn how horses can help you learn these skills in an amazing and individual way. Reach out to me today to schedule your horse guided life coaching session and start your healing journey today!!!

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