Cutting the Losses

There comes a time and a place in our lives where we must decide when to cut our losses and start working on moving forward. This is never an easy decision. It is usually painful and depression. Generally, when we say “time to cut our losses” that is mostly around romantic and intimate relationships. Some times we get to a place where there is resistance. There is denial and numbness. There is self centeredness and only looking out for themselves. And the biggest one; UNWILLINGNESS. When you hit unwillingness in another person, you have a decision to make at that time. Do I stay and figure out how to adapt and accept things the way they are? OR do I cut my losses and walk away? This is not an easy decision to make in any circumstance. However, the time and place will show itself and you will know it will be time to cut your losses.

Namaste, my friends.

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