What does management mean to you? Does it mean having things “under control?” Does it mean  having too many people or things involved in something at the same time? The one of the definitions management is the process of dealing with and/or controlling things or people. So how does this definition apply to managing one’s life? Well, most of us have no idea on how to manage our life. Yes, you may manage your time, but how well do you manage your energy/emotions? How well do you manage yourself? Most of us are hung up on managing others rather than learning how to manage ourselves. Because in the end the only thing/person you can control is yourself. And that, to me, is what management is all about.

Namaste, my friends.

Want to learn how to manage your energy/emotions in an incredibly empowering way? Horse Guided Life Coaching does just that. Working, from the ground, with horses helps you to learn new and different ways to manage your energy/emotions in the moment. Where else do you get INSTANT feedback about yourself? From the horses, of course!!! For more information and to book your first horse guided life coaching session, visit

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