Struggling with Disappointment

We have all struggled with disappointment. Some of us handle disappointment better than others. Disappointment is part of life. We have all been disappointed at some time in our life. However, the biggest disappointment seems to come from those that we love and are supposed to love us. How is it that we are clear on what we need/want and yet those requests seem to go unheard and unacknowledged? How is it that this disappointment hurts the most? Is it because of our exceptions of others? Are our expectations of others too high for them? Are we setting ourselves up with these expectations? Is this the reason we become disappointed? Who really knows? All I know, is that being disappointed by someone you love and is supposed to love you back, hurts the most. At this time we should be asking ourselves these questions. “Are my expectations too high for this person? OR Am I asking the wrong person?” Something to consider. And this is why we find ourselves struggling with disappointment. 

Namaste, my friends.

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